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When Should You Hire A Professional To Clean Your Ducts?

by Feride Halma

Your ventilation ducts can build up dust over time, which can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning units. Although ordinary dust in your ducts may not represent a risk to your health, some other factors could cause you some mild to moderate health issues. If you have a sensitivity (dust, mold, or pollen) or if you notice your system expelling tiny debris into your home, a cleaning might be a good idea.

There are also some situations in which you'll need to have your ducts professionally/commercially cleaned, or possibly replaced.


Up through about 1980, many American home builders used ducts that incorporated asbestos fibers. This substance has been proven to cause numerous health problems, and should not be allowed to remain in your home.

Using visual guides that are available online for free, you can identify asbestos items visually so you know when to call in an asbestos removal expert. Keep in mind that it is not safe for an untrained person to remove asbestos ductwork themselves.

Instead, get quotes from more than one reputable asbestos removal company and make sure you are getting quality service at a competitive price.


When moisture becomes trapped in your ductwork, mold can develop. This can result from a system that provides too much cooling for a small space, or from damaged ducts that allow moisture to enter from other areas.

Mold problems in ventilation ducts can quickly spread to other parts of your home because the spores are airborne. Some types of mold have been known to cause health problems. Have your ducts inspected by a ventilation cleaning service or HVAC company – once again, the EPA recommends that you get multiple quotes to ensure you're getting a fair price.

In most cases, you will be able to solve mold issues by correcting the problems that are causing the buildup of moisture and then having the ducts professionally cleaned. However, in some cases you may need to replace ventilation ducts to ensure mold problems do not return.

Major Remodeling

If work you've done on your home's interior did not affect the ventilation system directly, it still may be a good idea to clean your ducts and remove excess dust. However, if you're installing a new air conditioning system, or upgrading your heating system, you may need to install new ductwork. Even if you are an avid DIY homeowner, HVAC system repairs such as duct replacement are best left to professionals. Proper installation can improve your system's efficiency up to 30%.

Professional duct cleaning has a lot of benefits for your home. If you have other questions as you try and prepare to have your ducts cleaned, contact a company like Clearzone Services with your concerns.