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4 DIY Tips For Repairing Your Air Conditioner

by Feride Halma

The peak of summer can be uncomfortable for many people. The key to being able to maintain your comfort and stay cool will rest in having an air conditioner that works properly. However, problems can occur at any time, and being able to fix these on your own without calling a repair person is ideal. Knowing specific tips that will help get your unit back to work is ideal.

Tip #1: Check the circuit breaker

During the hottest times of the year, your AC may run non-stop. This can take a toll on the circuit breakers in your home and as a result, these may blow out, and this will cause your AC unit to stop.

Be sure to check the electrical box to see if this has happened before calling a professional. If so, you may be able to replace it yourself. Additionally, in some cases the breaker will only trip, and you'll need to switch it back into the right place.

Tip #2: Clogged air ducts

You should check to see if air is flowing through the ducts in your home if you feel warmer than usual.  These can become filled with dust and dirt over time and should be cleaned or you won't be able to stay as cool as you'd like.

Tip #3: Clean outside unit

Since the AC unit sits outside of your home, it's subject to a lot of dirt and debris. This can quickly add up to a dirty unit and one that doesn't function as well as it should for you.

Simply use a brush to clean the grill part of the unit and warm water and soap to clean the other components. Additionally, be sure to remove any leaves or weeds that may damage the AC unit.

Tip #4: Change air filters

One of the simplest ways to help keep the air in your home cool is by switching out the air filters. Experts in this area recommend that you change the filter at least once per month.

By doing this one thing you can reap the benefits of a cooler home and in some instances, you may be able to reduce your energy bill as much as 15%.

It's ideal to be capable of fixing any issues with your AC unit on your own time. However, you may encounter an issue that is simply too challenging for you to fix. Be sure to rely on an HVAC contractor such as Elite Heating & Air Conditioning if this happens to you.