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Spend Time In These Cool Locations When Your Air Conditioning Is Broken

by Feride Halma

The moment you realize that your home's air conditioner isn't working properly, you should act quickly and call a licensed A/C repair service to get into the queue for a repair visit. If the contractor is busy, he or she may not be able to visit your home for a few days to diagnose the problem and get the repair work started. In the meantime, there's no need for you to suffer sitting around in a house in which the temperature is rapidly increasing. While you'll likely get some relief during the workday when you're in an air-conditioned office, it's good to find some places to seek refuge in the evening. Here are some ideas.

Movie Theater

During the summer months, movie theaters offer a chilly place away from the heat. Splurge and buy a couple tickets to a movie that you want to see—and don't be afraid of hanging out in the theater for a little while before and after the show, too. It's ideal to pick a show during the early evening, as your home should start to cool down by the time you arrive home at bedtime.

Grocery Store

Even if you don't need groceries, take a quick trip to your local grocery store to help cool off. Grocery stores are significantly cooler than outside, and you'll find that the fresh produce area and the freezer aisles provide a significant degree of relief. The added benefit of enjoying the cool in this location is that there's no cost; while you might wish to pick up some groceries during your visit, there's nothing wrong with simply browsing the store and cooling down a bit before you return home.


Another place that you can hang out without having to spend any money—and one at which you can easily spend a few hours—is your local library branch. Hop on one of the computers and spend some time browsing the Internet or grab some books and magazines, find a comfortable chair and enjoy some quiet reading for part of the day. This is an ideal place for the entire family to visit while the A/C at home is broken.

Local Arena

If you live in a town that has an ice hockey arena, you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else that's as cool. Even in the summer, many arenas are busy with youth hockey teams and figure skating programs, and you won't have to spend any money to take a seat and enjoy the action on the ice. If you're not interested in watching, simply take a book or your MP3 player and enjoy cooling down for a couple hours.

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