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A Simple Way To Improve Your AC System

by Feride Halma

Summer is almost here and there has never been a better time to get your AC system up and running and at maximum efficiency. While most people will call in professional HVAC contractors to service their system, you might be able to do a few of the jobs by yourself. You don't need a bunch of training, experience, or special tools to complete some simple but effective tasks that will make your system run a little smoother.

The Condenser is Vital To AC Efficiency

When it comes to self-servicing your air conditioning system, the condenser unit is a good place to start. This is an essential part of a normal residential air conditioning system because it basically converts warm air into cold air and then distributes it into your furnace. From there, the furnace circulates the cold air into your ducts, through the registers, and into your home. Most commonly, if the condenser unit is not working at maximum capacity, your system will still have adequate airflow, but the air will not be as cold as it should be. Of course, this means that you end up wasting a lot of energy. Your AC bills will continue to climb as you overcompensate and keep turning your thermostat even lower.

Cleaning Your Condenser Unit

The easiest thing to do when it comes to servicing your condenser is to just clean it. The condenser is perfectly waterproof, but it is probably a good idea to shut off the power before you clean it with the hose. Basically, every part of your unit will benefit from a simple spray down with a steady water stream. The only exception is the electronic control panel. However, this panel should be fully encased and watertight. (To be safe, recheck to make sure it is before you try to clean the condenser.) The outside of condenser will obviously be the dirtiest. The aluminum sheets have tiny lines with gaps in between them. Dirt and dust can get stuck in between these gaps. By just spraying them out with a hose, you will probably be increasing the efficiency of your condenser unit. The dirt and dust can reduce your condenser's ability to cool itself off.

Ultimately, if your condenser is overheating, it will suck up more energy and be less productive. As you can see, with just a hose, you can help increase the functionality of your air conditioning in a matter of minutes. For more information on cooling services in your area, check out a company like Edge Guys HVAC today!