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Types Of AC Installation And What To Expect

by Feride Halma

There are different types of air conditioning, or A/C. There are also different types of AC installation processes. As you get started on your shopping for air conditioning this season, pay attention to the different installation types and what you can expect from each.

All Indoor

There are some forms of air conditioning that are strictly indoor installation processes. One option is cooling boxes hung along the ceiling edges of walls. Another option is portable indoor air conditioners that are vented out a window; they do not require any outdoor exits or air exchanges. While installing indoor units, your HVAC contractor will need to spend the entire installation time indoors and may go outside only to get tools and parts from his or her truck.


Most air conditioning options are indoor/outdoor installations. Many forms of air conditioning require a coolant or refrigerant, which must have ventilation or you could end up with a lot of toxic gas in your home. 

Indoor and outdoor air conditioning installation processes include central air and heat pumps. They also include geothermal units, since the cooled air still has to be pumped inside and forced through the air ducts. 

During this installation process, you will need to make sure your pets are someplace safe, since the HVAC contractor will need to enter and leave your house often during the installation process.

Strictly Outdoor

There are no completely outdoor installations for residential air conditioning. Geothermal units come the closest because a large chunk of your yard has to be excavated for the installation of the underground loop, but a smaller part of this system still involves indoor installation work. 

There are some commercial air conditioning units that may be installed entirely outside. These units still require an underground duct in order to connect to the ventilation system inside. They are more frequently used in places where it would be difficult to get inside and make repairs or replace parts.

Your Air Conditioning Choices

An HVAC contractor can show you multiple models and modes of cooling. He or she can also explain how they work, how much time it takes to install each, and what he or she needs from you on the day of installation. Be sure to get several different quotes, and make sure the quotes are itemized so that you can see what the comparable units cost and what the labor would cost from each contractor.

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