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Where Not To Place Your Air Conditioning Vents During A Kitchen Remodel

by Feride Halma

If you're in the middle of designing your new kitchen, do not forget to place the air conditioning vents correctly. You might think leaving them in the same places would be just fine, but depending on where your new appliances and cabinets are going, those old locations could suddenly be problematic. Don't rely on pictures of remodeled homes to determine where to put the vents, though, because so many have gotten the locations wrong. Instead, work with an air conditioning contractor to determine the proper locations.

Blocking Vents With Cabinets

Don't place the vents in the wall space above the cabinets and below the ceiling. The cabinets could very well block some of the air from reaching the rest of the room efficiently. Remember, the air doesn't shoot out in a straight line and then fall to the ground right where you want it to; it disperses after leaving the vent in a more diffuse cloud. Your kitchen can still cool down, but it may take longer for the air conditioning to seem effective on a hot day because the cabinets block much of the air flow from reaching you directly.

Place the vents somewhere where the flow of air will be unimpeded. You want to feel the stream of air coming out of the vents.

A Losing Battle Over the Stove

Another oddly and unfortunately popular place for vents is right above the stove, often in the ceiling above a burner. The logic here may be to try to cool you down as you cook over a hot stove, but all you'll really do is blow dust into your food and have more trouble cooking things. After all, now there's a blast of cold air falling onto the stove; that's going to make whatever food you have on the stove a lot cooler. That could make cooking frustrating.

If you're concerned about being too hot while cooking, look at using no-cook recipes like salads and cold cuts on hot days. Or, place the vents across the kitchen where they will still send cold air out toward you, but the air will not blow directly onto the food.

Dismal Dining

Also, be careful about where the vents are with respect to the dining table. You don't want to have one poor person freezing and sniffling as the cold air blasts him or her directly, while the rest of the diners either feel fine or feel too hot. Move the vents to an area that does not blow directly onto the dining table and chairs; if that's not possible, try to aim the vent openings away from people.

An air conditioning contractor can help you find good spots for the vents as well as the air conditioner returns. With the right placement, your new kitchen will be comfortable and cool.