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2 Tips For Priming Your Air Conditioner For Summer

by Feride Halma

Central air conditioners are one of the most beloved of home appliances, thanks largely to their ability to reduce the discomfort of summer's brutal heat. Yet unless you ensure that your AC remains in good working condition, you may find it struggling more and more to cool you. If you would like to learn more about basic air conditioner tune up skills, read on. This article will discuss two ways to prime your AC for summer.

Clean your condenser fins.

The condenser in your backyard is where the refrigerant inside of your system is compressed from a gas back to a liquid state, thus enabling it to continue cooling your air. Unfortunately, dirty condenser fins can greatly hamper your air conditioner's ability to perform this vital task. In the process, they will require your air conditioner to work harder and consume a greater amount of energy.

You see, the layer of dirt on the fins will act as an unwanted insulator, making it more difficult for the condenser to get rid the heat it generates in the process of conditioning the refrigerant. With more heat hanging around, the condenser will have to do extra work in order to cool and condense the refrigerant. As a result, your system loses efficiency and increases its amount of wear and tear.

Fortunately, you can keep things running well by giving your condenser fins a good cleaning. Begin by manually removing any larger debris. Then use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush head to remove smaller particles. If you notice that a large proportion of your fins have become bent, consider investing in a condenser fin comb to help restore proper shape.

Put in a fresh air filter.

The air filter in your air conditioner is just as important for your air conditioner's sake as it is for yours. You see, the filter acts to keep dust and other airborne debris from creating friction inside sensitive internal components. Yet a filter that has become completely clogged up with debris will present a significant impediment to normal air flow.

This reduction in airflow can have drastic repercussions for your home. Just as with dirty condenser fins, it will lower your air conditioner's efficiency, while also driving up the amount of energy it consumes. For that reason, it is important to ensure that your AC's air filter--which it usually shares with your heating system--is fresh and ready to serve.

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