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Duct-Free And A Little AC TLC: 3 Tips To Help Care For Your New Ductless AC

by Feride Halma

You have had a new ductless AC system installed in your home. If the system has been installed for more than a year, it is time to start regular maintenance routines. While there are no ducts for your system, it still needs care to ensure the air conditioner is working efficiently. Here are a few tips to help with the care of your new ductless AC system:

1. Monthly Cleaning of The Filters for Better Efficiency

The air filters of a ductless HVAC system are a little different than conventional AC systems but serve the same purpose; they keep the components free of particles, dirt, and debris. Remove the filters of your unit at least once a month and give them a good cleaning to keep your AC system free of dirt and debris. If your home is in a dusty environment, such as a rural home with nearby dirt roads, remove the filters for cleaning more often.

2. Clean the Outdoor Condensing Unit to Prevent Problems

The unit outside that house the coil is your condensing unit, which is subject to particles and debris that are in the air outside. It is important to keep this outdoor AC unit clean to avoid problems like freezing, which can damage components of the AC system. Have the AC unit serviced and cleaned at least once a year to prevent these problems and ensure your ductless AC is always working efficiently. In addition, remove any debris from trees or nearby plants if you notice them getting inside the unit.

3. Choosing the Best Location for Optimal Operating Conditions  

You also want to choose a good location to install your ductless AC unit. For the outdoor unit, you want to choose a location that is open, but out of the way for optimal operation. Inside your home, the air handlers should be located where the air can blow freely into your home without obstruction, but in locations where they do not blow directly on you. It is also important to choose a location for the outdoor unit where it does not get too much exposure to the elements. You will want to make sure that the unit is free of snow and tree debris to prevent damage to your new air conditioner.

The lack of ducts may reduce the maintenance your system needs, but regular servicing is still important. If you need help with maintenance and repairs, contact an HVAC repair service to help you keep your cooling system working efficiently. 

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