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Resolving These Top Three Air Conditioning Complaints

by Feride Halma

Every year, there are many complaints about AC and it's usually easy problems that can be resolved fairly quickly. For this reason, it's important to know how to solve these issues so these complaints are easily taken care of if they show up in your home. Here are the top three common air conditioning complaints that are heard every year:

Home Doesn't Get Cold Enough:

If you notice that your home is not getting cold enough like it normally does when you have the thermostat set to a certain temperature, then there could be quite a few problems that are causing this. This includes problems with the refrigerant. Most times, the pressure setting for the refrigerant needs to be adjusted since it needs to be high enough to push and compress the refrigerant into the air conditioning for cold air. There could also be a leak that needs to be sealed. Either way, you should hire a professional to take care of these issues. A professional can inspect the air conditioner to determine the true reason that your home is not getting cold enough. 

Air is Not Strong: 

This complaint stems from the fact that the air is not flowing from the vents strong enough or at all. When this happens, there are calls about the air not being strong enough. The true cause of this is usually because the motors of the AC system have gone bad since air is not being pushed out. Another reason this could be is because there is a blockage inside of the vents. A professional will need to come in to inspect the motors and the vents. If it is the motors, they can simply be replaced, but if it's a blockage, they will have to remove it. 

Energy Bill is High:

Finally, one of the biggest complaints found in the summer season is that the energy bill is getting too high. The reason this happens is because the AC system is not running efficiently. If your air conditioner is older than 10 years, then this is probably why and it needs to be replaced. Another reason could be that your home needs to be insulated and sealed or you need simple maintenance to your HVAC system that wasn't done when it should've been before the summer season arrived. 

When you know how to resolve these three common complaints, you can easily help yourself resolve them and know when professionals should be called in and what for. For more information, visit websites like http://www.magnoliaplumbing.com/.