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Parent with Alzheimer's Moving In? Benefits of Your Air Conditioning System Running Properly

by Feride Halma

If your parent has Alzheimer's and it is time for them to leave their home, offering your home to them is a good choice. To make your home comfortable you need to make sure your air conditioning system is working properly. This will not only help your parent be comfortable but can also make your home a safer place for them to live in. Below are some benefits of keeping the air conditioning system running properly, as well as tips on what you can do to keep it running well.


Some of the benefits you will find if your air conditioning system is running well include the following:

Able to Control Humidity: An air conditioning system can help control humidity in your home if the system is running properly. This is because when the air conditioning system is running it pulls the moisture from the air inside your home. This can be a great help if your parent has any problems with breathing; high humidity levels can make it more difficult to breathe for people with respiratory issues.

Help with Allergies: A well running air conditioning system can also be beneficial if your parent has any type of allergies. This is because things dust and other debris are captured by the AC unit before these things enter your home.

You need to ensure you replace the filter when it becomes dirty to keep the air inside your home even cleaner because the filter captures a lot of the dust particles. 

Able to Control Temperature: You can contact an HVAC technician to install a new heating and air conditioning system for you. One type of system they can install is a split HVAC system. This type will allow you to control the temperature in each room in your home. This is done by the way they install the duct work.

The technician will install thermostats in each room. If your parent is cold natured but everyone else in your home is not, your parent can keep the temperature in their room much higher than the rest of the house.

Get Regular Maintenance

No matter if you keep your current air conditioning system or choose to install a new one it is important that you get regular maintenance done on it. An HVAC contractor will come to your home and check the refrigerant levels, make sure the filter is clean, check all internal wiring and other components, and clean out the system. You should have this maintenance done at least twice a year, such as right before spring and right before fall.

Talk to the HVAC technician for more information about air conditioning replacement or maintenance.