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Tips For Labeling Electrical Panels

by Feride Halma

Labeling electrical panels is a great way of avoiding confusion and enhancing your house's electrical safety. You need to label if your panel isn't properly labeled or if you suspect some mislabeling. Here are some tips to help you with the labeling project.

Get Someone to Help

Don't get this wrong, you don't need another person to label the panel, but the job will progress much faster and efficient if you have a helper. This is because you have to operate the breakers at the panel and also check the electrical installations in the house. For example, one of the best ways of labeling electrical panels involves turning off all the breakers and then turning them on one by one to see which fixers or outlets they control. Having an assistant prevents you from having to shuttle back and forth between the panel and the electrical outlets/fixtures.

Ensure Everything is Working First

Before starting the labeling project, make sure all the light fixtures and outlets are working first; note the ones that are dead. This way you don't have to think that a breaker isn't working while, in reality, it is the outlet itself that is dead.

Get Sticky Labels.

There are various ways of labeling electrical breakers, but the easiest one is to use sticky labels. It is easier than, many other options, such as taping individual papers. If you don't have legible handwriting, swallow your pride and print the labels instead of writing things others cannot read.

Keep the Labels Simple Clear

It may be tempting to use nicknames or personal names for the breakers, but that isn't the way to do it. You want something that everyone can read and understand, and not just you or your family members. Labeling a breaker as Kevin's room, for example, isn't wise because Kevin may move out of the room and leave everyone else confused.

Note Confusions or Problems

It is possible that you may get breakers that don't seem to control anything or breakers that affect more than one circuit. Such things occur due to wiring issues so note them down and call an electrician to sort out the malfunctions. This may also be a good time to fix other electrical problems in the house such as dead outlets.

It is best to get the labeling right at a great expense than to save money while doing it wrong. Therefore, let an electrician, like those at AAA Home Services, handle the project for you if you aren't certain of your skills.