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Getting A New AC In Your Old Home? 3 Things To Consider

by Feride Halma

When temperatures go up, your air conditioning system is an integral part of keeping your home comfortable. A working air conditioner is a must in many parts of the country. However, it's important to note that even the best-maintained air conditioners do not last forever. Eventually, you will need a replacement. Replacing your air conditioning system can be a challenge, especially if you have an older home. Here are three things to consider when replacing the air conditioning in your old home.

1. Quality Installation Is Key

If your home was built before air conditioners were available, installation can be tricky. Older homes often have little room for ductwork or other air conditioning components. Even if your older home does have a central air conditioning system, the chances are that some cutting and patchwork was required to install it. 

Newer air conditioners are more compact than models from even just a few years ago. However, quality installation is still a must when it comes to an old home. Residential AC installation can be tricky at times. An experienced installer will ensure that your new system is installed with minimal changes made to your home.

2. You Have Options

If you are having a new air conditioning system installed in your old home, there are a lot of options to choose from. Ductless air conditioning systems, in particular, are a great option for older homes. While you can install a traditional central air conditioning system, ductwork can take up a lot of room and require cutting into your home's ceilings and walls. 

Window air conditioners are also often used in older homes, but they tend to be noisier and only cool a portion of the home. Ductless air conditioning systems are quiet and use far less space than traditional air conditioners. The main drawback is that they are about 30 percent more expensive than traditional central air conditioners.

3. Cost

Cost is another factor to keep in mind when getting a new air conditioning system in your old home. Retrofitting your home for a new system and adding new ductwork can be expensive. Ductless air conditioning systems allow you to avoid duct work but do come at a premium price. On average a new air conditioning system ranges in price from $3,735 to $7,186. Installing ductwork in your home can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

When it comes to air conditioning and old homes, there are a few things to consider. Quality installation is a must. Installing air conditioning in an older home can be tricky. You also have plenty of options to choose from. Ductless air conditioning systems are a popular choice for older homes. Costs can also vary depending on the type of air conditioning system you choose and whether or not you need additional duct work.

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