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Signs Your Air Conditioning Drain Line Is Clogged

by Feride Halma

The air conditioning drain line plays an important role in the overall function and well-being of your air conditioning unit. Most people are aware that an air conditioning unit cools air, but what you may not realize is that the unit also helps to reduce moisture or humidity in the air as it cools your home. The moisture that is pulled out of the air has to go somewhere, which is where the drain line comes in; the drain line helps to discard the moisture so it doesn't build up in the unit, causing rust and corrosion. However, your drain line can get clogged thanks to dirt, dust, and residue. Here are a few of the signs that your air conditioning drain line is clogged: 

Water is Dripping Off Your AC Unit

If your air conditioning drain line is clogged, water cannot exit your unit through the drain line; instead, the condensation that is building up inside your unit may try to exit elsewhere. For example, you may see water dripping off of the fins on your air conditioning unit or out of the bottom corners. If you notice water dripping out, or puddles of water forming around the air conditioning unit, you likely have a clogged drain line. 

The Air in Your Home Feels More Humid

Another sign of a clogged drain line is more humidity in your home. If your drain line is clogged then the moisture in the unit has nowhere to go, causing it to sit in the unit. When this occurs, the air conditioner cannot remove moisture from the air that travels through the unit. In turn that moisture travels into your home, where you may notice that it feels more humid than normal. This is a key sign that you have a clogged drain line. 

There is a Mildew-Like Smell Near Your AC Unit

Lastly, if you notice a mildew- or mold-like scent when you are around the AC unit or when the AC unit kicks on in your home, you may have a clogged drain line. Mildew and mold can grow in moist conditions, and if your drain line cannot drain then your air conditioning unit is probably moist. This problem requires your drain line, air conditioning unit, and ducts to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent further mold or mildew growth. 

If your air conditioning unit is showing signs that the drain line is clogged, you will want to call a professional to find the clog and remove it. If you fail to remove the clog, moisture can build up inside your unit, causing rust and corrosion to occur. Additionally, many units have an automatic shut off feature if problems such as a clogged drain line are detected. This can prevent your unit from working altogether. Contact an air conditioning professional today if you suspect you have a clogged drain line. Companies like D & R Service Inc can offer more information.