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3 Ways To Reduce Allergens Inside Your Home

by Feride Halma

Do you or does anybody in your household suffer from severe hay fever or allergies? Obviously, you will want your home to be as clean and dust-free as possible so it can be a safe haven from allergens. But some people end up having worse allergies inside their home than they do when they are outside. There are so many possible contributing factors when it comes to allergens inside a building. Dust is a common problem that is only compounded by poor airflow and bad filtering. Besides cleaning your home as well as possible, you also need a little help from your HVAC system to help fight the battle against dust-causing allergens.

Here are three things you can do to ensure your HVAC filter system is working properly to reduce allergy-causing debris inside your home.

Check and Replace Your Filters

First of all, you need to regularly check your actual filter. The filter in the furnace is meant to remove pollen, dust, dander, and other debris as it passes through the furnace. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced on time, it won't be able to absorb as much of the debris, and you are bound to have more problems with allergies.

Clean the Air Registers

While filter replacement is the obvious first step, many people don't think about cleaning the air registers. Keeping your air registers clean is very important because this is where the air comes out of the duct system and into your home. Since you can clog the registers very easily, it is very common for the backside of the registers (that you can't see unless you remove them from the wall) to block airflow and gather even more dust. So, it is very helpful if you remove the registers and clean them thoroughly about once a year.

Let Pros Services Your System Once a Year

The last thing you should do for the good of your filtering system is to have your furnace cleaned by a licensed heating services professional every year.

If you aren't having this done already, your furnace is not going to be circulating air as efficiently, and your home will have more allergens in the air. So, even if you have a clean filter and unclogged registers, the air will not be replenished as freely, and you are bound to have stale air in your home that is filled with allergens and similar debris.