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4 Reasons Not To Ignore A Damaged AC Drain Pan

by Feride Halma

Is the drain pan on your air conditioning rusted or damaged and leaking water? If so, make sure you aren't putting off repairs. An air conditioner with this type of problem might appear to be working malfunction-free, but it does not mean that everything is okay. Learn what could be in store for you if you put off this repair.

1. Water Damage

It doesn't take a large amount of water to cause damage to a home. If not handled promptly, even a small amount of leakage from the drain pan can cause significant damage. The water can seep into the sublayers of the floor, and if the unit is on an upper level, the moisture can also damage the drywall on the floors below. A leaking drain pan will also cause more humidity to buildup in the area, which could lead to rust development on the exterior of the air conditioning.

2. Cooling Issues

Initially, the dripping water probably won't have a huge effect on the unit's function. However, if a large amount of water leaks and doesn't have anywhere to go, it can start to back up inside the drain, particularly if there is also an issue with the attached drain. Drain pans typically have float sensors inside them that force the air conditioning off whenever the water in the pan reaches a certain level. This preventive measure does help protect the unit from damage, but it also means the unit won't power on until the sensor is cleared. 

3. Pest Infestation

There are a number of insects that are attracted to moist environments, including ants and roaches. When you couple the extra moisture with the fact that the area around the unit is dark, you're likely to have an insect problem on your hands very quickly. While these bugs might congregate around the air conditioning, they will start to spread around your home, which will only make matters worse. There are also certain animals that like moist environments, including snakes. 

4. Mold Growth

Moisture and darkness often encourage the growth and reproduction of mold spores. Mold spores are especially dangerous because they can travel through the air. Since the opening of your ductwork is located directly next to the air conditioning, the spores in the area can travel into the ducts and travel all around your home. For people with allergies or other respiratory issues, the mold in the air will make for an uncomfortable experience. 

Replacing a damaged drain pan is much easier than dealing with the effects of a leaking air conditioning unit. Contact a technician right way to have this repair performed. Companies like Go West A/C & Heating can help.