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Freezing Out Falsehoods About Installing Central AC In A Mobile Home

by Feride Halma

As the owner of a mobile home, you will be just as concerned about staying cool and comfortable at home than anyone else. Having a Central AC system installed in your mobile home is a viable option, but many falsehoods surround the idea. Here is a look at some of the more common falsehoodsand the real truths you should know. 

False: You can't install a central AC system in a mobile home. 

Mobile homes are suitable for AC system installation just the same as any other home; the process of installation can look just a bit different. this falsehood often stems from the fact that many older mobile homes do not have a central cooling system, but even older homes can be outfitted with a system with the help of the right technician who knows what they are doing. 

False: Mobile homes are better suited with window air conditioners. 

Window air conditioners are perfectly suitable cooling systems for just about any type of home, including a mobile home. However, mobile homes are no more suitable for window unit cooling than any other type of home. In fact, it can be harder to mount a window unit in the windows of some mobile homes because they can have smaller windows with weaker frames that may not support the weight of the unit very well.

False: Installing a central AC in a mobile home is more expensive than usual. 

On the contrary, installing a central AC system in a mobile home may actually be a little less expensive than usual. The overall system is often smaller, and the duct system is routed under the mobile home in a relatively straightforward fashion. The job tends to take less time, which is important to note when most installers charge b the hour for the work. 

False: Most AC technicians don't know how to install an AC system in a mobile home. 

Statistics from the census show that at least 22 million people actually live in mobile homes in this country, and that is a huge sect of the residential population. Therefore, it would be completely illogical for an AC technician to not take the time to get familiar with how to install a central system in a mobile home; it would only hurt their own professional reputation and profit margin. However, it can be a good idea to work with a technician that is more familiar with AC installation in mobile homes.