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AC Issues Homeowners Often Need To Repair

by Feride Halma

Air conditioning systems can be complicated enough that there is a range of problems and issues that they can experience. In order to prevent these issues from severely reducing the comfort inside your home or the performance of the system, repairs will need to be administered promptly when issues with the system start to arise.

Freezing Coils And Vents

An air conditioning system will need a series of coils and vents for the heat exchange process. Unfortunately, a common problem with these systems can be for the coils and vents to actually develop a thick layer of ice on them. This ice layer can be a severe obstruction that will be able to prevent the air conditioning from working, and it can even cause the system to burn out its mechanical components. This problem can often be the result of dust accumulations. These accumulations will be able to interfere with the heat exchange, and they can absorb moisture. As a result of these factors, a layer of ice can start to form. Continuing to run the air conditioner after it has started to freeze can be a very damaging mistake to make. If you turn off the system as soon as this problem starts to develop, you may be able to limit the necessary repairs to little more than a thorough cleaning of the system.

Damaged Vent Fins

Air conditioning units will need large amounts of air flowing through them. However, it will also need to prevent debris and other substances from entering the housing. To balance these needs, air conditioning units will often have vent fins. These are essentially thin layers of metal that are placed in the vents of the air conditioner. They will be able to allow air to flow through while also blocking out the pieces of debris that could cause damage or problems. However, it can be possible for these vent fins to become warped, which can severely decrease the airflow through the unit. Luckily, a professional AC repair provider will be able to use a vent comb to straighten out any fins that may have become warped and bent.

No Air Blowing From The System

No air coming from the unit most likely indicates that the blower of the unit has failed. Without a blower, the AC system will be unable to move air into the home. If the problem is with the blower, replacement may be the easiest option, but it will require taking apart most of the housing of the system. For this reason, a homeowner should avoid attempting this repair on their own as they may accidentally cause substantial damage.