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AC System Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

by Feride Halma

Your home's central air conditioning system may seem like a little bit of a mystery. In fact, many homeowners are misinformed about a lot of things when it comes to home AC service needs. Here's a look at a few things that you should know about your home's air conditioning to help you avoid some potentially costly issues.

You Don't Need The Biggest Possible System

When shopping for a new air conditioning system, many homeowners fall into the "bigger is better" trap. The fact is it isn't always better to buy the biggest air conditioning system that you can get. If you buy an air conditioner that's too large for your home, you may inadvertently end up with a system that repeatedly runs in short bursts because it cools your home too quickly. This can burn the unit out much faster, costing you more in the long run.

Instead, you should work with an air conditioning contractor who can assess the square footage, layout, and structure of your home. Those factors all contribute to determining the proper size of the air conditioning system that you need.

Maintenance Isn't Just About Repairing Equipment Failures

If you've only ever called for air conditioning service when your central air system is malfunctioning, you're missing out on some important cost-saving efforts. The fact is that air conditioning systems need routine maintenance, including regular cleaning, filter changes, inspections, and pressure testing to keep them functioning at their best. If you aren't having these maintenance tasks completed on a regular basis, your air conditioner may be suffering more wear and tear than it needs to. Work with an AC service technician to schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioner's well-being.

You Wouldn't Necessarily Know If You Had An Air Leak

One of the leading causes of inefficient cooling from an air conditioning unit is air leaks, either within your air conditioning ducts or in your home. You might think that you'd be able to tell if you had an air leak but the truth is that they can be difficult to identify.

When you work with an air conditioning service and repair technician, they will test your home for any signs of air leaks, including examining your air ducts as well as the areas around your windows, exterior walls, and doors. Professional inspections and service can help you keep the cool air in your home, maximizing your air conditioning system's operation.

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