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Is It Time To Repair Your Boiler? Don't Wait Until It Breaks To Find Out

by Feride Halma

The average boiler repair service costs just under $400, which is less than the costs associated with replacing the same unit. The sooner you get boiler repair services done, the cheaper your costs can be because you're catching them sooner. This can help a cheaper problem from becoming a potentially dangerous and more expensive one to fix. If you wait too long, then you might get stuck having to replace your boiler entirely.

So, is it time to repair your boiler? The only way to know for sure is to have the unit inspected by a boiler system repair specialist. You can use this guide to help you look out for signs that your boiler needs to be fixed. If you see any leaking oil or smell gas, or if you see or smell smoke coming from the unit, discontinue use and call for emergency help right away.

Your energy bill is increasing every month

Your boiler is responsible for heating your home, and when the unit is used, you can expect the boiler to cause some costs along the way. However, the costs should be consistent and not go up every month. If they do, it means that the boiler is working overtime and may be on its way to failure. If you are seeing your energy bill creep up every month and you have been using your boiler every month, there's likely a correlation and you need to call for boiler repair right away.

Your boiler is making strange noises or movement

Your boiler should not make excessive noises although it may normally make a light hiss, whistle, whirring, or light roaring sound when it's in operation. Any clanging, excessive bouncing or movement while the boiler is on, or other issues that seem out of the norm should be brought to your boiler repair specialist's attention right away. Never touch a boiler while it's on because it may be hot and never attempt to remove the door of a boiler while it's on.

Your boiler is turning on and off randomly

A big sign you're in need of boiler repair is this: the boiler cannot stay on consistently or cannot heat your home consistently. A boiler that fails to turn on or turns off on its own and has to be manually restarted is one that is in need of boiler repair. Call a boiler repair specialist to make an appointment and have your boiler repaired; don't use your boiler until it has been fixed for your own safety.