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Causes And Solutions For An AC Condenser That's So Noisy You Have Trouble Sleeping At Night

by Feride Halma

Air conditioning makes your life much more comfortable, but sometimes an air conditioner can be noisy, especially when it kicks on at night when you're trying to get to sleep. Noises can indicate there's something wrong with your AC, so you don't want to ignore them. Here are some causes and possible solutions for an air conditioner that is too noisy.

The Condenser Pad Isn't Level

If the concrete pad the condenser rests on starts to sink on one side, the fan blades can get out of alignment and scrape the sides of the cage. If your condenser tilts, it stresses the internal parts, so this needs to be fixed whether your AC makes loud noises or not.

One solution is to place adjustable legs under the condenser and adjust the legs until the unit is level. Another option is to lift the sunken side of the concrete pad so it's level again.

The Condenser Vibrates

A vibrating noise can be annoying even if it isn't too loud. You might dampen the vibrations by having vibration pads put underneath the condenser. The pads rest on the concrete and absorb vibrations so they eliminate the noise of the metal condenser vibrating against concrete.

The Condenser Is Too Loud

If your AC condenser has always been too loud, that may be its normal sound. It might be possible to cut down on the noise using soundproofing blankets. You could have a small enclosure built for the condenser and leave the top open but line the sides of the enclosure with soundproofing material that helps muffle the noise created when your AC kicks on and off. It's important to allow plenty of room for air circulation or the air conditioning unit could be harmed.

You can also buy soundproofing blankets made for the compressor inside your condenser. Since the compressor is what usually makes the most noise, your AC should be quieter once the compressor is wrapped in insulation. Soundproofing blankets won't make your air conditioner silent, but they can make the noise easier to live with.

The Condenser Needs Repairs

New or odd noises could indicate problems with your air conditioning system. Call an AC repair company when your condenser makes squealing, clicking, or hissing noises. When parts in the condenser go bad, they often make unusual, and sometimes alarming, noises.

The condenser has parts including motors, a fan, capacitors, and the compressor that could all go bad. When one part goes bad, it affects the other parts, and it may harm your AC to run it when it's not working properly. Call an air conditioning service when your AC makes new noises or is just so loud you need help making it quieter so you can sleep at night or enjoy relaxing outdoors.