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Heat Repair: Signs You Have A Serious Heating Emergency

by Feride Halma

When you need heat repair, it's best not to wait until you have an emergency to have your heating repair needs taken care of. However, sometimes you don't see the signs there's an issue at all until it's too late, and then you're facing a heating emergency.

Here are signs you have a serious heating emergency. Call your HVAC specialist right away if you notice any of the following concerns. If there's an active fire or electrical issue with your heater, call your local emergency authorities for assistance.

Your heater feels hot to the touch

You should never touch your heater so you don't get burned, but you also should not be unable to touch your heater if you needed to. In other words, your furnace should never be too hot to touch. It should also certainly never be so hot that it smells like something is burning or melting. If this is the case, turn the unit off if you can do so safely, and call your HVAC specialist for heat repair.

Your heater smells funny

Your heater should never emit a foul or funny smell, including anything sweet or like something is cooking. Common issues that arise with heaters have to do with smell, and sometimes hair or dust or something dry stuck in the fans or filters of the heater can cause the unit to overheat and become dangerous. Any smell can indicate a heat repair emergency, even if the smells don't indicate fire directly.

Your heater is getting louder

If your heater is getting louder — as in making grumbling sounds, whining when it's kicked on, loud whirring, or even hissing — then the unit might be showing some serious signs of wear and tear. When the fan blades slip or the motor starts to go out, the heater can make many loud or jarring sounds. Any odd noises coming from your heater should be inspected by a heat repair specialist, just to be on the safe side.

Your heater is not turning on

If your heater isn't turning on, especially if it feels hot or it made a strange sound before it clicked off, you may have a heating emergency on your hands. Do not turn your heater on again or attempt any electrical inspections. Call an HVAC specialist to work on your heater instead. With the right care and maintenance, your heater should last a long time, but when you have an emergency and need heat repair, don't hesitate.