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4 Benefits Of Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning In Your Home

by Feride Halma

A clothes dryer is one of the modern conveniences usually taken for granted until it stops working and there are no clothes to wear. A dryer works on the simple premise of blowing hot air on fabrics, which vaporizes moisture. A clogged dryer vent makes this process less efficient, making the dryer work slower while using more power. Commercial dryer vent cleaning ensures this critical appliance is in good shape at all times. Why should you invest in this service?

Maintain High Efficiency

The dryer needs to push moist hot air for efficiency. When the vents are clogged, it can't do this efficiently. It forces the motor to work harder, which translates into higher power consumption.

Residential dryer vent cleaning keeps the vents clear for smooth airflow. The dryer operates as expected with optimal power consumption. It keeps your energy bills low and the equipment noise low.

Avoid Mold Growth

When the dryer cannot push out moist air, the vents remain damp and attract mold growth. Mold infestation in the vents puts your family at risk because mold is a respiratory allergen. It causes sneezing attacks, difficulties in breathing, and irritation. People with asthma get more aggravated attacks.

An inefficient dryer can't dry clothes completely in the usual cycle. The lingering dampness attracts mold. The infestation on your fabrics can spread very quickly since there is already mold growing in the vents.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning ensures moist hot air moves outside and the vent stays dry. It also removes debris that creates sticking spaces for mold spores. The commercial cleaners kill off mold using commercial antiseptics that make it hard for mold to regrow.

Prevent Pest Infestation

The warm moist environment of a dryer's vent is attractive to various insects and vermin, including rats and mice. The accumulated lint in the vent provides a cozy habitat for these unwelcome visitors. You will see higher infestation during cold weather when the warm vent provides much-needed refuge.

Commercial dryer vent cleaning is crucial in denying these unwelcome guests a breeding space. It reduces the risk of diseases in the home and also the attendant embarrassment of scurrying critters.

Promote Home Safety

A vent clogged with fabric fibers is a fire hazard, and this is a common starting point for fires originating from this appliance. Besides fire, there is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from poor air circulation. Regular commercial dryer vent cleaning promotes home safety by eliminating these risks.

Are you concerned your dryer is working less efficiently than expected? Book an appointment with an HVAC contractor for dryer vent cleaning.