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Features To Get In Replacement Knobs For A Restaurant Range

by Feride Halma

One of the most important pieces of equipment for restaurants today is a range, which combines both an oven and stove at the top. If you're having to replace the knobs of said equipment, here are some features you'll want to go after. 

Stainless Steel Construction

The knobs on your range will be prone to getting dirty from grease and food residue. You thus want to make sure the replacement knobs are made out of a material that's super easy to clean. That's what you'll get when the knobs feature stainless steel.

It's a durable material that isn't that difficult to clean. You may just need some vinegar and a soft rag. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about the stainless steel knobs breaking down around the range because this material is completely rust-proof.

Textured Middle Portion

Most range knobs today have a middle portion that is raised. It makes the knobs easier to hold onto when turning them in different directions. If you want to make them even easier to hold onto and manipulate, then consider middle portions with a textured surface.

It will keep your hands from slipping when manipulating these knobs, even if they are covered in debris or grease. There are different texture varieties to choose from. You may just want to order a couple and test them for several weeks, seeing what works best from a functional standpoint. 

Red Line Position Indicator

In order to cook foods appropriately using a restaurant range, you'll have to adjust the knobs to the correct position. You won't ever have to guess where the knobs are at if you get a replacement set that features a red line position indicator.

Red is a vibrant color that sticks out regardless of what other colors the replacement range knobs feature. As such, whether you turn the knobs to the left or right, you'll clearly see which heat setting the range knobs are fixed at. A lot of knobs with this position indicator resist fading too, which means you shouldn't ever have trouble seeing where the knobs are positioned.

If you have knobs that break down on your restaurant's range, you'll want to find suitable replacements as quickly as possible. Focus on knobs that have special qualities, such as durable materials and textured surfaces. They'll really help you use your restaurant's range to its full potential regardless of what you cook. For more information, contact a company that provides options like Southbend range replacement parts.