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Why Is My Furnace Leaking Water? Find Out Why You Need Repairs

by Feride Halma

When the cold of winter sets in, you will want a properly working furnace to keep yourself and your loved ones warm. While your heating unit might be of excellent quality, it can still experience issues. Leaks are a common issue, but you can generally solve them through a furnace repair. Here are some possible reasons why your furnace may be leaking water.

Damaged Humidifier

A humidifier adds moisture to the dry winter air for your added comfort. If this component is broken, it can cause a leak, especially when the humidifier is attached to the furnace. A leaking humidifier can cause massive damage to other parts of your heating system.

A possible issue that could result from this is that mold can grow and spread within your home, causing severe health issues. Fortunately, a technician can inspect your furnace and fix any humidifier issues.

Defective Secondary Heat Exchanger

Your furnace largely relies on a heat exchanger to warm your home. Typically, water forming around your heating unit could emanate from a defective secondary heat exchanger. It could be cracked, or have suffered other damage or wear.

Faulty secondary heat exchangers are known to release water onto the furnace. What's more, it can release toxic fumes, posing a threat to you, your family, and your pets.

Clogged Furnace Filter

A dirty or clogged filter can cause a water leak from your furnace. Usually, a filter boosts indoor air quality by trapping any contaminants in your home. Over time, debris blocks your filter, which leads to limited airflow through your furnace coil.

As a result, the coil freezes, contributing to furnace leaks. Unwanted moisture can ruin your furnace if the problem is not dealt with.

Condensation Leak

Essentially, a condensation leak may emanate from things like floor drain clog, blocked or broken tubing. Your furnace needs two essential exchangers to operate correctly, especially if it's a late model. Condensation occurs and the moisture leaves your home through pipes. When the pipes crack, water might leak from your heating system.

Damaged Condensate Pump

The condensate pump allows water to escape from your furnace through lines. Particles can accumulate in this section, leading to sudden malfunction. If there's a blockage, you may hear whistling or gurgling sounds.

If this pump fails, water overflows and spills onto your floor. An improperly installed condensate pump can also contribute to furnace leaks. A technician can establish the primary cause of the leak and fix it.

Regardless of your furnace brand, the above are reasons why it could be leaking water. When you spot any of these issues, reach out to a professional for help.