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3 Repair Tips For An AC Unit That Keeps Blowing Warm Air

by Feride Halma

One of the things that can make your spring and summer uncomfortable is warm air blowing from the air conditioning unit. In the hot months, you need an air conditioning system that constantly blows cool air in the home and keeps it cool. However, sometimes your unit will develop complications and keep blowing warm air, despite your efforts to lower the temperature in the thermostat. Here are four repair tips to fix an AC unit that keeps blowing warm air in your home. 

Check the Functionality of the Thermostat

The first place to check should be your thermostat. It determines the temperature your unit will cool your system. If the thermostat is faulty, you will have a challenge keeping the house cool. You should always start by checking to ensure that no one has adjusted the thermostat, especially if you do not live alone. If the thermostat doesn't have a proper adjustment, the fan could be pushing warm air throughout your home. Check whether your thermostat stays on and change it to cool or auto. These settings will allow the system to keep your home cool. 

Check the Power in the Outdoor Unit

The other part of the system to check is the outdoor unit. A damaged fuse or tripped breaker could lead to a lack of power for the outdoor unit. Sometimes, an AC maintenance technician turns off the power supply to the outdoor unit when performing their maintenance. If this is the case, you can turn it back on and restore the cooling function. If it has power but the system still won't cool, it is time to call in the repair experts. 

Assess the Condition of the Air Filters

Most manufacturers fit their air conditioner units with disposable air filters. The filters are crucial because they remove impurities from the air circulating inside your home. Consider replacing them at least once every three months. When they are clogged, your system has to work harder than it regularly would to push cool air into the room. Issues with the filters can also lead to the system overheating and breaking down altogether. Speak to a competent technician to assess your system and restore order.

The AC should perform optimally in the spring and summer because it is when you need cool air the most. If yours has failed, contact air conditioning services to check the system's condition, and perform the required repair work.