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Why Some Rooms Aren't Heating — And What A HVAC Contractor Can Do

by Feride Halma

You expect the heating system in your home to heat every room in your home, right? So when you walk into one room and it's still freezing cold, it's normal to be a bit alarmed or annoyed. The other rooms in your home are comfortable and cozy, so why isn't that one? As it turns out, this issue usually comes down to one of the following problems with your HVAC system, all of which an HVAC contractor can address for you.

Blocked Vents

The simplest explanation is that the vent or the duct to that room is blocked. You can sometimes check for this problem yourself. Look at the vent, and make sure the little lever that opens and closes it is working. Sometimes, these levers will break and get stuck in the closed position, which will block the flow of warm air into the room. A heating contractor can replace the vent, allowing air to flow through again.

A similar issue is a blockage in the duct that carries heat to the vent. The blockage could be caused by a dog or cat toy, a clump of dust, or some leaves that got shoved down the duct. An HVAC contractor can locate it, clear it out, and take steps to make sure another blockage does not form.

Damaged Fan

Your furnace is paired with a big fan, sometimes known as a central fan or blower, which propels the heated air through your home. If the fan breaks or is damaged in some way, then it may not propel enough air to heat every room. Or, it may not be sending the air out powerfully enough to reach the whole home. Is the room that's not heating located the furthest from your furnace? If so, this is a likely cause of the issue.

There are several things that can go wrong with your central fan. A ball bearing can wear out, causing it to operate less efficiently. The belt can become worn, or the motor can start seizing. The HVAC contractor should quickly be able to tell which parts of your motor are to blame. If it's a small part, like a ball bearing, they'll usually repair it. For larger issues, the easiest route is usually replacing the entire blower motor.

If some of the rooms in your home are not heating, don't ignore the problem. Talk to a heating contractor to figure out what's going on.