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Is Your AC Not Blowing Cool Air? 4 Ways A Professional Can Fix The Problem

by Feride Halma

Have you just realized that your air conditioner isn't blowing enough cold air? You'll need to call a competent repair contractor to diagnose and fix the problem. However, you might wonder what might cause your AC to blow cold air. Here are the main reasons your AC might blow warm air and ways a professional can solve the problem.  

1. Cleaning or Sealing Ductwork

One of the common reasons for insufficient cool air circulation is blocked or leaking ducts. Poor maintenance could be the reason you have clogged ductwork. The ducts may not supply cold air to your home when there are obstructions or holes in the vents. Your technician will inspect the entire system, clean the ducts, unclog them, and repair any damage. The expert might patch the holes or replace the affected ducts to restore air circulation if the problem is clogged ductwork.

2. Refill the Refrigerant

Leaking or low coolant levels in your air conditioner can decrease the amount of cool air blowing in your house. Your technician will inspect the system to determine whether there are coolant leaks. Repairing leakage on time saves money and prevents the issue from escalating. Adding the refrigerant without patching up the holes and cracks will only provide a short relief. Let the repair contractor diagnose and fix the leak to ensure you enjoy lasting results.

3. Reset the Thermostat

Sometimes the problem behind an unresponsive AC is a faulty thermostat. If it is set at a higher temperature, it might not turn on because the system will have already met your needs. Consider lowering the setting to see if the system responds accordingly. If not, you certainly need a technician to fix the problem. The expert will inspect the thermostat and determine if you need to replace it to restore your conditioner's functions.

4. Fan Motor Repair

The fan draws cool air from the evaporator coils and re-circulates it back into the house. The fan is fueled by a motor that works tirelessly to ensure you receive enough cool air. If you don't have air blowing into your house, consider inspecting your fans. Are they running? If not, call your technician to help you fix the motor and fan.

An excellent way to avoid complete AC breakdown is by scheduling routine inspections and timely repairs. If you notice that your AC isn't blowing air into your house, consider calling the technician for timely repairs. They will check every part of the system to identify and source of the problem and repair or replace the broken parts.  

For more information about AC repair, contact a local company.