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Confused About Air Conditioner Maintenance? Here Are Some Tips You Cannot Go Wrong With

by Feride Halma

The air conditioner keeps you sane when the heat is unbearable. That said, it is only on the day it breaks down that most people realize they should have kept up with proper system maintenance. Hence, for long-term energy efficiency and longevity of your system, you should learn a few things about how to service it. The following are simple air conditioning maintenance tips that can help keep your system in excellent condition for years. 

It Starts with the Filters

The filters are the lungs of the air conditioning system. This is because clean filters eliminate dust, pollen, mold spores, and all other types of debris that may want to get inside the unit. Hence, if your filters aren't clean, they will allow dirt inside the system that will end up on other parts like the evaporator coils. Eventually, the build-up might cause the coils to freeze, stopping your AC unit from delivering the cool air you need. Hence, it is advisable to clean the filters regularly because, in addition to preventing damage to the other components, it keeps the air quality inside the home free from contaminants. Clean filters also ensure that the volume of air flowing inside the system is constantly high, which keeps your space sufficiently cool. 

Combing the Fins Also Helps

The air conditioner coil has fins that increase the surface area of the air flowing through and enhance the cooling efficiency. That said, with time and extended use, the fins might bend. You should know that bent fins typically block airflow through the unit. In addition, it can lead to the air conditioning unit losing its efficiency in cooling the home. The good news is you can buy a comb from your AC supplier and regularly pass it through the fins. This way, you can regularly comb the bent fins back to their original position and restore efficiency. 

You Have to Clean the Coils

The coils are another essential component of the air conditioning system, and just like filters, they can collect dirt over months or years of usage. That said, the surface area over which the air passes determines how fast and efficiently your home cools down. Hence, you want to ensure clean coils at all times so they can efficiently dispel hot air outside. Given this, you must remember that clean filters protect the coil from dirt. However, you must also clean the coils if they have accumulated dirt. Additionally, clean the area around the condenser to remove anything that might blow up into the internal components. 

These simple maintenance practices are the perfect way to maintain your air conditioner in ideal working condition. Speak to an air conditioning service contractor about regular unit maintenance and timely repairs. This way, you can ensure your unit works as new for longer.