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The Upsides Of Electric Baseboard Heat

by Feride Halma

Electric baseboard heating is sometimes seen as an old-fashioned option. It did fall out of fashion for a while when furnaces became really popular, perhaps in part due to the rising cost of electricity and the subsequent lower cost of heating fuel. But as fuel prices rise and people are increasingly looking for greener options, electric baseboard heating has experienced a bit of a comeback. And here's the thing: it may suit you better than you'd think. Here are some benefits of electric baseboard heating.

You can control the temperature of each room independently.

Maybe you want your living room warm and toasty, but your bedroom cooler so you can sleep through the night. Or perhaps you like your bedroom warm but your kids like theirs cooler. With electric baseboard heating, you can control the temperature of each room independently of the others. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, but it also saves you energy. You won't be heating up rooms that don't really need it.

You can move the heaters, as needed.

With other types of heating, moving the heating unit is a big job. For example, relocating forced air heating vents will require relocating ductwork, which means opening up your walls. With electric baseboard heating, on the other hand, you can move the heating unit pretty easily. If there's another wall outlet you can plug into, you may be able to unscrew and relocate the heater yourself. And if not, this is a job your HVAC team can easily tackle in an hour or two. This comes in really handy if you are remodeling.

The heaters last a long time.

Electric baseboard heaters are simple appliances when compared to furnaces or boilers. More specifically, there are no moving parts, which means friction is not a factor in wear and tear. This means you're less likely to need heater repairs with electric baseboard heaters. You'll probably get more years of use out of the heater, too. 

You can add additional heaters, as needed.

If you have an electric baseboard heater and decide a room is not getting as warm as you'd like, adding another heater to that space is fairly easy. And you don't need to make changes to the existing heating setup to do it.

Weigh the benefits above, and decide whether baseboard heating might be for you. Speak to a furnace repair service to learn more.