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5 Ways To Prepare For A Residential AC Installation Project

by Feride Halma

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average life span of a standard central air conditioning system is about 15 to 20 years. Furthermore, new air conditioning technology is consistently evolving to provide more efficient systems. Therefore, as a homeowner, there is always a chance that you will face an AC installation project at some point.

While installing a system can look a bit different depending on the type, there can automatically be certain objectives that will need to be carried out. The more prepared you are in advance, the more smoothly the project will go. Here are a few important ways to prepare for a visit from AC installation services in your home. 

1. Consider Having Ducts Cleaned in Advance 

If you are having an old system replaced and intend to use the existing ductwork, it can be a good idea to have the ductwork cleaned before the installation. Some AC installation services will do this for you immediately before connecting to the new system. If not, consider hiring another contractor for the task. 

2. Plan to Be Home on the Day of Installation 

While not all HVAC companies require the homeowner to be present during system installation, most do prefer a homeowner to be present. Being at home will allow you to ask questions, get insight into how the new system works, and generally be present if the professionals need guidance. 

3. Clear an Area to House the New System Components 

The standard AC system will have both outdoor and indoor system components that will be placed. Discuss where these components will go with the pros before they arrive so you can adequately prepare. For example, the outdoor unit will need to be placed on a flat, manicured area near the house. Therefore, you should take steps to get the area ready. 

4. Make Sure the Installer Has Clear Access Paths 

While modern AC systems are much smaller than they once were, it can still be difficult to maneuver these items into place if a home is cluttered. Before installation day, take a few minutes to create a clear path to the work areas. Move furniture out of the way, pick up anything that could be a trip hazard, and make sure doorways are open.  

5. Contain Your Pets Before the AC Installation Service Arrives 

One last note, be sure to keep pets contained during the installation. The professionals will likely have to be in and out of your home, which could mean pets have an easy way to escape. Plus, the unfamiliar guests and commotion could make anxious pets a bit uneasy. 

Contact a local AC installation service to learn more.