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4 Air Conditioning Services That Can Improve Energy Efficiency

by Feride Halma

Your cooling system is your best friend during the hot months. The system keeps you comfortable even when there are heat waves. However, you might notice that your AC has been consuming a lot of energy, unlike when it was relatively new. This indicates that you should schedule AC services as soon as possible. Below are some effective services that your technician could recommend to improve system performance and energy efficiency.

1. Replace Air Filters

Your AC depends on filters to remove dirt, dust, and unwanted particles from your home. Over time, the trapped dirt builds up to block the filter. This forces the system to work harder to achieve the same cooling effect. The harder it works, the more energy it utilizes. Change the filters to restore energy efficiency. Therefore, contact your technician if you can't recall when you last replaced them.

2. Retrofitting

Some homeowners get caught up with bills, so replacing their old air conditioners becomes almost impossible. Your technician might recommend retrofitting your unit if you have an old system but insufficient funds to get a replacement.

Retrofits can improve performance and energy efficiency by replacing certain worn-out components within the unit. Your technician will thoroughly inspect your air conditioner before determining what parts to replace. For example, they might replace the compressor or add new fans. Retrofitting is a cost-effective method to enhance energy efficiency and general system performance.

3. Duct Sealing

Air ducts are primarily responsible for distributing cool air throughout the house. Over time, ducts can get damaged or punctured. The holes and cracks often cause a loss in the conditioned air that leaks out of the ducts. As a result, the system works harder to account for the inefficiency, steadily increasing your home's energy consumption. Invest in duct insulation to prevent leaks. In addition, you might need to replace severely damaged ducts.

4. Clean Condenser Coils

Your system's condensing unit sits outside your home, where it gets subjected to extreme dirt build-up. The heat transfer process becomes less effective when covered in dirt and debris. Therefore, you should contact a technician to help clean the debris and restore efficiency.

If you are ready to improve energy efficiency in your air conditioner, you could hire an AC contractor to service your system. The experts will examine your unit and determine the right action to take to improve the system's performance and reduce energy consumption.

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