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Building On A Country Lot? Use Geothermal Heating, A Water Well Pump System And Solar Panels For Independence

by Feride Halma

If you are purchasing a large lot of land to build a home, and having a highly efficient home is important to you, there are a lot of options to consider when building. Talk with the builder or your sub-contractors about your energy efficiency goals, and what type of options you have to make the home as energy independent as possible.

There are different types of systems you can consider for the home and that you want to get quotes for before you start the building process. Ask professionals about these things.

Geothermal Heating

You can use geothermal heating to heat and cool the home and also to get hot water for the house. The HVAC team will put coils underground around the home, to suck heat from the soil when heat is needed and to remove hot air from the home in the summer.

Some benefits of having a geothermal heating system installed will include:

  • Highly efficient for little to no heating and cooling utility expenses
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal space is used inside the home

If you have a pond on the property or you are considering installing one, you will want the system to go under the water, so you will want to know if you are using geothermal heating before digging the pond.

Well System

Have a well water pump system installed for the home. This way you are using ground water as the water source for your home. You can control the filtration system, water usage, and more. You won't have to pay years of water bills to the city, and instead will just need minor maintenance here and there on the well.

Solar Panels

Solar panels installed at the time of the build on the roof allow you to lower your electrical bills substantially and to have electricity when there are power outages. This means you can still run the heating and cooling system in your home, the water pump, the lights, and the appliances even when the main power lines are down. There are different roofing options to achieve this.

Building your home out in the country gives you the opportunity to create a home that isn't just energy efficient, but also energy independent from local utility sources. Get quotes for the different options you want, including geothermal heating services, and then start the build so you can live in comfort efficiently after the build is completed.