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Looking To Install A Heat Pump? Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know Beforehand

by Feride Halma

Heat pumps work to provide your home with cool and warm air, making them the ideal solution for homeowners everywhere. Since these units can cool your home just as well as that of a traditional air conditioning unit, many people are switching to them and ditching their large air conditioning systems. This all around solution has been helping homeowners like you for quite some time. For those who have never thought about installing one of these units, here are a few things you need to know.

You might want to ditch your heating system too.

Since heat pumps function both as an air conditioner and a heater, there is no reason to keep your heating system around. The whole point of getting a heat pump installed is to cut down on the amount of components your home has in it. This will minimize possible maintenance and repair costs, while providing you with one unit that can handle it all. You are better off taking out your old boiler or furnace and going with just the heat pump for your home.

You can get rid of the ductwork.

One of the more popular options for installing heat pumps is to do so with a ductless mini split system. If you were thinking about remodeling your home, bypassing the existing system or adding on to your home, you can install your new heat pump with the ductless mini split and call it good. This eliminates the need for having to mess with all of the ductwork in your home and trying to make it work with your new system. It also prevents the spread of contaminants through your ductwork and into your home where everyone ends up having to breathe it in.

You might need a little more for the winter months.

In the event you live in an environment where the temperatures plummet below freezing in the winter, you might need something else to boost the temperature in your home. For some individuals, this might not be an issue. However, there are certain situations where you might have to supplement your heating system with a fireplace or portable heater to give your temperature the little boost it needs inside. You would want to discuss this with the heat pump specialist beforehand to make sure you get just what you need to stay warm in the winter.

By knowing the above information, you can make an informed decision on your new heating and cooling system. Click to learn more about this topic