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Furnace Maintenance: When Is It Needed?

by Feride Halma

Many people will forget about their furnaces until they suddenly realize that winter has set in. This isn't the best time to be rushing about trying to find a contractor. The waiting line may be long and the charges will be much higher if you need emergency services.

The first thing any homeowner should know about furnaces is when to maintain them. It's not a good idea to carry out maintenance when you already need to run the furnace all day and night. Therefore, when is getting furnace services a good idea?

When the Maintenance Schedule Says It's Time

If your maintenance schedule says it's time to do some maintenance on your furnace, then that is exactly what you should do. It's one thing to plan for something and it's another thing to actually go through with it.

Many people make the mistake of scheduling maintenance but not actually preparing for it. The end result is that when the time comes for certain maintenance activities, these end up being postponed. The main problem with postponing such plans is that it may be a while before you get around to executing them. It may be too late by then.

When You've Moved Into a New House

When you move into a new house and you find a furnace already there, one of the things you should do is call heating and cooling contractors to check on the status of the furnace. Ideally, you should already have an idea of what state the furnace is in before you even buy the house. Therefore, you will already know what measures you need to take once you move in.

Don't just rely on the word of the previous owner of the house. There is no telling how thorough their maintenance schedule was. Start your own maintenance schedule so you know you have a system that's reliable.

After a Major Repair

If your furnace has just undergone some major repair, this is the best time to check on everything else on the system. For starters, the contractor will already be on location so you don't have to try and find one. Secondly, you can agree on a friendlier price since they'll be doing more than one job.

However, perhaps the best reason to do maintenance at this point is to ensure that everything is in good condition before you turn on the furnace for the first time following the repairs.